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Winter 2007/2008

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Philadelphia Catamounts

Established 2006

Captain: Patrick Foley

Philadelphia Fury

Established 1995

Captain: Gene Kupniewski

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Philadelphia Galaxy

Established 1999

Captain: Mattias Ponzani

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Philadelphia Ice Dragons

Established 1997

Captain: Joe McGarvey

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Philadelphia Moose

Established 1998

Captain: Anthony Abate

Website ranked in the HNA National Top 10 - 2002

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Philadelphia Roadrunners

Established 1996

Captain: Joe Aversa

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Philadelphia Sharks

Established 1995

Captain: Jim Driscoll

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Philadelphia Stampede

Established 1998

Captain: Todd Gunerman

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Philadelphia Stars

Established 1991

Captain: Tony Moffa

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Philadelphia Stingrays

Established 1997

Captain: Al Gray

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Philadelphia Wings

Established 1994

Captain: Mick McMannus

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